Saturday, May 29, 2010


What’s music? Better ask our living legend, king of music. AR. Rahman………this is what we Indians prescribe. I don think we are not so ignorant .We Indians live in music.I f you ask common man, what is music? he would probably say his bath room resonance. Almost every one is Michael Jackson,BalaSubramanian and chitra in bathroom.

Music is believed to have originated from the gods. If you take ancient history or epics………Lord Krishna is depicted with a flute and Saraswati with a veena…

People in Vedic period considered music as a messenger to God. Many composition have been made to attract God and reach the spirituality.

The great composers of music-Thyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar , Syama Shastri celebrated as the “trinity of music” have added valuable knowledge and compose to the music.The famous Thyagarajar aradhana festival is even celebrated today where great musicians from various places come to perform the keerthis which are watched by thousands of classical music fans.

Children in south India are given practice in music known as paattu class. Whether your voice sounds like myna or peacock ,you are part of sa,re,ga,ma.But things have changed now. various forms of music have become popular like western,non-western ,gazals,Hindustan…………

In the recent times ,folk has revived the traditions. India with its cultural diversity has many forms of folk music. Bhangra is a popular folk form of Punjab. Dandiya is now a popular number to Overseas Indians .All cultural parties inside and outside India practice this style.

In Tamil Nadu , folk music displays the traditions and ethos that adds aesthetic values and melody to the religion. Kuthu song is now popular in Tamil Cinema. The dance-oriented Kuthu is the hottest number in all films and stage shows. At least one number in Tamil Cinema must be a Kuthu song.

Music is an ocean. It the soul of every individual from the time we were born with a cry ,till the last breath. We are bonded like a mother and a child in her womb. Music is the mother of the universe.

Enjoy Music in every occasion unless the amplitude is not propagated as noise. Spread the joy of music.


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  10. Hey sru!!! Hummm!!! Well composed info on Music!!! I love music!!! Its the only medicine for our worries & also its the only way to express our joy!!! Its typical magic which ever 1 used to perform when both in sorrow & joy!!! Well... Nice one!!! :-)