Saturday, September 25, 2010

Navrati is around the corner and I wonder “where my steel is steps “that I managed to fold it recollecting my engineering skills.
Navratri ,the nine sacred nights is dedicated to devi Durga who went on a vatham to kill the evil Mahisha to restore the heavens to the gods. The nine days are split into three days each devoted to worship the goddess of valor, wealth and knowledge.
During my school days, I eagerly wait for the “Saraswati puja”, know what? I am not allowed to read my books, as it is kept in the puma for worship. Do you think, you get the opportunity ever?

Usually the steps for the Kolu are created from the wood. But today ,you get ready made steel steps. So my first mission is arranging the steps and screwing it up.
I was given the instruction to display the steps in odd numbers .So I have decided choosing number 9.Covering the steps with “patu veshti”(silk dhoti) would be a better choice as it gives a shining and pleasant appearance . There is no mandatory rules for arranging the doll(Kolus) but I decide to start with gods and goddess from top.The big and steady kolus which I usually call “ancestor’s kolus”,my great grand parents have passed to the generations are my preferences in the top three steps. The most common “ten avatars of vishu”which we usually come across in many kolus ,”krishna and gopikas”,individual idols occupy the tops. The next three steps are devoted to religious preachers, great personalities. Never forget the marapachi bommais,which adds serene beauty decorated with traditional sari and veshti . The last three will be my collections of ganesha in various forms,ganesha with a cricket bat, inside the lotus flower,
Made of navathaniyam(9 seeds).Especially the chettiar bommais,thanjavur bommai and all such traditional dolls flourishing the cultural heritage.

Now comes my real part of innovation,yes u can also call it creativeness, constructing a park”. So I decided to buy a park set with julas ,benches .The Thermocol , I usually segregate whenever we get electronic or glass or electric items, the plastic ice-cream spoons ,decorates my park .For roads and signals, I paint with charts and color papers.
Being in Chennai with temples around, I have decided to buy temple sets,monuments .
The entire kolu is then fixed up with decorating lights and shining papers.
Last but not the least ,the pookolam or rangoli adds flavors to the kolu with a kuthu vilaku.Your kolu plan is ready, but what about sundals?Happy Navratri.


  1. Hey you reminded me of the golu days... The navratri spirit sets in !!! yeah !! :) :) :)

  2. sru, first n foremost i would like 2 thnk u fr a few thngs... reminding me tht i hav blog which i have left unattended fr years, thng 2 i still din get nethng spl fr ths navarathri....
    nice post:) could've been more specific though:)
    n btw, enda velailan nee seiyariya??:P:P yea, park s definitely ur idea...n knw wt...there nt jus wooden padiketu n late at giri trading they are selling 'PLASTIC padiketu'

    thnks fr the lovely post!! navaratri s indeed spl :):)

    P.s -> 'During my school days, I eagerly wait for the “Saraswati puja”, I am not allowed to read my books' <<<- ilati neenga daily padipinga :P:P LOL

  3. @dee..............waiting for ur golu ready with paatu.

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  6. @sand ......(nanben da)!Get decorating things with ur rangoli vilaku!waiting to watch ....."hate plastics and promote cloth bags"!

    I still remember the days ,u wake up at 3 and message me and me sleeping till 5.

  7. Hey Sru!!! Actually we don't celebrate Golu!!! But now I came to know what it is... Hummm!!! Nice traditional celebration!!! :-)