Friday, March 1, 2013

                                                               Juggling for existence

The prices are already up. Do you think, we can manage with piggybacking on the earning members of the family? Life has become challenging where the promissory note of  comfort zone has become every need of life.

            Denominations of course a large one I say, is not suffice for mental satisfaction of today! Do we call it excess liquidity in the life of people who doesn’t bother to invest for a long term or a recklessness of more money with immediate withdrawal in the form of plastic cards which are devil in disguise to the  people who can just swip it and get whatever one  wants. And there are people , the unnoticed ones who long for a meal , a place to stay and of course the survival for existence.

            The pleasure of attraction has taken attention with malls where one gets everything in this world, exactly the branded one as the model in the ad wears with appealing discounts and music while u decide on the outstanding,stunning,outwit though one can comprise on the quality when it comes to deduction, reduction or whatever without rejection . ::P
Huh! How come one can forget the parking zone rates. It seems that more than the goods purchased , the efforts to make your vehicle be safe can cost you more.

            There is a horse race in the market for selling of products .People with money to spend on and weak hearts often fall prey to it.Market strategy, sales strategy is a boon or bane ????????Am not talking about the other side of people who earn to at least meet their basic needs –food,shelter,clothes which is still a vision .

             This does not mean to stagnate the money and lock it for future. It is just a matter of the intellectual working of the brain to invest for future, spend on the needs, balancing the lifestyle for the years to come and distribution of money in a healthy way.

Nothing is impossible ,so be prepared for a stone age, may be !

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tryst with the Marghazhi Chennaities should be happy about Marghazhi when the mercury drips slightly to show mercy on us from the usual experience of the comparative,superlative degree of the word "hot" irrespective of the season.But since Mr.Global warming has found a place in the heart of the universe to shower the glory of the UV rays, may be Marghazhi can become 'yet another season of the year' for the years to come!
Apart from the chaos, Marghazhi holds a special place in bringing the spirituality and divinity together to bond mankind with God.Marmagahzi-Music go together . Renditions are made by Saranagati to god in the form of music which is easy, yet difficult one. The resonant bond of symphony swirls around the sabhas with the concerts that carries the reminiscence of the historical past where legends have sung in the form of krithis ,showing the efficacy of bhakti and pleasure in attaining the spiritual feeling of attaining moksha.The shishya-guru bonding happens with the shishyas rendering the kritis and raagas as their tribute to their teachers and a treat to their audiences.One could see pakathu veetu 'mama' putting thalam in the right and guessing the raaga even before the singer sings and boasting about 'antha kalathulelam'. Though we like the gnanam style, the nyanam towards karnatic songs has not gone down the years .Infact many youngsters are on the verge of taking the credentials of traditional music,dance and art to a higher level.
The beautiful part of it is the 'Kolam' ,the time of the year where woman step out to show their artistic talent in putting striking 'puli kolams' with the twist and turns when one wonders that playing maze was much better !One can precisely call this month as a devotional month with impeccable efforts to please the almighty. When everything is going as usual , here comes an interesting news that 'The world is gonna end' and a possibilty that we may survive.Is that mean ,Should i regret that i have not attended even a single concert or appreciated a raaga or stop myself from changing the channel when a karnatic song is on or even attempted to draw a star kolam. Whatever the future holds ,this month always holds a special place in the calendar for its charm, delight, divinity and spirituality of love and bhakthi to gurus and gods .

Monday, July 23, 2012

BeAuTiFuL AlLePy

Venice of the East?Yes, Lord Curzon is right .Do you think one can object this statement.One of Gods own country's gift is what am talking about- "ALLAPHUZHA alias ALLEPY". Should we call ourself blessed for such an exuberant beauty and natural landscape in our country with endless beauty adding to it along the backwaters is a breath taking view .
Kettuvalam or house boat is an indian TITANIC with coirs made of natural products is one of the major attractions of the tourists blushing along the coastal ready with its elegance is a pride preserving the richness of kerala .It is the local taxi of the land where one could find the 'chotus'(kids) rowing the mini boats as tricycles for transport.
kettuvalam comes in different shapes and sizes .It offers amenities with rooms to rest , lounge to past time idly and indolently.It is a holiday home for families to have a gala time along the scenic beauty of the gaint coconuts,lillies and lush green paddies.Cooks to serve with sumptuous kerala special of rice , papad, salads,marine food is a soul quenching experience for the taste buds.
One must not miss the Village trip with wonderful cultivation of bananas,coconuts where people cannot live without boats.Ducks swimming ,fishes in plenty, small shops along the river ,water snakes, birds flying across the sky .It is the land of fishermen and women.
Whether we get a chance to sail in a cruise or visit Venice, we should never be sorry for us for not being in an Indian TITANIC alteast for once to carry the pleasure of being in and at The land of the venice.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The sun is already out , the birds are chirping and am still skeptical whether to take my ride at 8:00 or 8:15 or 8:30 by 568C,570,M70,D70!what am really talking about ?These are the PIN numbers for my day.I am right in saying these Personal Identification Numbers as they give me an identity that I also board to work in the most sophisticated IT hub!

The VOLVO bus in its majestic look is luxury to travel.More than a delicacy , it is the only way you can make your long journey comfortable to reach your destiny like a fresh apple which is ready to be sliced in its 8 hours of struggle between survival and more survival. I hope the ITians understand this.

Coming back to my babie VOLVO,the majestic prince can make you feel like a princess with its ride in the jam packed traffic .You are lucky if you get a seat to travel.It is always a game of chess , the most appropriate moves will make you get a throne amongst the crowd .The hangings on the top to hold is a misery to people holding it.One sudden brake , how strong you are , you are prey to the law of motion .

The arrangement of seats, oh my god , is this the traditional way of an MTC.We get more people who struggle to catch the bus and pay the royal money but end up standing for a long time.

The main requirements of travelling in the glorious bus is , you should have a change(bugs), a book to read or a headset to sleep ,otherwise you are bound to fall from your seat . LOL.

I always pray for Friday evenings , that I should manage to have some air to breath and hope its(bus) not full yet .Its a weekend and you ought to understand that Chennai has got people from states, I mean other states and cities.

Though VOLVO prince is looking charming,elegant and royal,We cannot neglect the discomfort of it .But nevertheless ,We should thank for the basic comforts one gets to beat the scorching summer to have a smooth journey .

So 570 here I come .

Friday, December 16, 2011

Charm Untouched

Charm Untouched

Surrounded by rosewood and sandalwood ,the city of charm has left no one untouched.Yes , am talking about the 2nd cleanest city in India – MYSORE.
Moving with a sinuous motion, the city enthralls its visitors with its magnificient palaces,magestic temples and beautiful gardens.A panaramic view of the city is seen from the top of the hills where the mother goddess chamundi is seen seated on the lion with her immense energy.It is said that goddess Chamundi killed this demon Mahishasura and hence the fesstival Dussera is celebrated with enthusiasm in some deliberate way.Mysore palace is one of the most visited monuments in India.The Zamindar palace in the movie MUTHU casting our THALAIVAR RAJNIKANTH was shot in Lalitha mahal palace.
The celebrated spot illuminated with musical fountains BRINDAVAN is famous for its heavenly beauty where people look forward for colorful innumerable fountains.Women can never take their eyes off from the elegant yet rich mysore silk depicting the beauty and the tradition of the mysore.Last but not least , how could one forget the mouth watering bisi bela bath for its bale bale flavor brushing up the culture and rich heritage of the city.
So If u Wanna take a breath of fresh air packed with flavors of culture, tradition and spices , Mysore welcomes you.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

You bounce on the floor
Wen u r angry, u r tsunami
Wen u r happy, we r in harmony
Ter is no word to match ur beauty
But ur presence is plenty
U have fans all around
To wet the feet all around
U never stop to say Hi
And we never stop to bye.

B E A C H! I guess ,it is a gift that can be tasted by everyone.
In the morning, it is a work out place for ppl walking along the shores ,smelling the salty ocean scent and hearing the suprabatam of the waves.
The ships from distant seems like a floating paper with the sun rising , to color and the clouds to dress up the gorgeous sea .The shells ornament it with pebbles and diamonds everywer to glitter in the bright sun.

There is so much to do , from fisher men to police men. Ppl are on the flow with the shops on th go.Castles every wer from small to big emerging and disappering in the shore.

The best part of enjoying is having a sundal in one hand and a mango piece on the other hand.You tend to be a hunter or shooter or whatever with guns targeting the ballons on the other side.U can be a maharaja or maharani galloping on the horse with the world around . And wats ur age ?It doesnt matter wen are on the merry go round.

It seems full all the time but u always find a place to be part of it.
You wanna enjoy the nature then you are here.You are in love,peace ,harmony? then u are definetely in beach.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Navrati is around the corner and I wonder “where my steel is steps “that I managed to fold it recollecting my engineering skills.
Navratri ,the nine sacred nights is dedicated to devi Durga who went on a vatham to kill the evil Mahisha to restore the heavens to the gods. The nine days are split into three days each devoted to worship the goddess of valor, wealth and knowledge.
During my school days, I eagerly wait for the “Saraswati puja”, know what? I am not allowed to read my books, as it is kept in the puma for worship. Do you think, you get the opportunity ever?

Usually the steps for the Kolu are created from the wood. But today ,you get ready made steel steps. So my first mission is arranging the steps and screwing it up.
I was given the instruction to display the steps in odd numbers .So I have decided choosing number 9.Covering the steps with “patu veshti”(silk dhoti) would be a better choice as it gives a shining and pleasant appearance . There is no mandatory rules for arranging the doll(Kolus) but I decide to start with gods and goddess from top.The big and steady kolus which I usually call “ancestor’s kolus”,my great grand parents have passed to the generations are my preferences in the top three steps. The most common “ten avatars of vishu”which we usually come across in many kolus ,”krishna and gopikas”,individual idols occupy the tops. The next three steps are devoted to religious preachers, great personalities. Never forget the marapachi bommais,which adds serene beauty decorated with traditional sari and veshti . The last three will be my collections of ganesha in various forms,ganesha with a cricket bat, inside the lotus flower,
Made of navathaniyam(9 seeds).Especially the chettiar bommais,thanjavur bommai and all such traditional dolls flourishing the cultural heritage.

Now comes my real part of innovation,yes u can also call it creativeness, constructing a park”. So I decided to buy a park set with julas ,benches .The Thermocol , I usually segregate whenever we get electronic or glass or electric items, the plastic ice-cream spoons ,decorates my park .For roads and signals, I paint with charts and color papers.
Being in Chennai with temples around, I have decided to buy temple sets,monuments .
The entire kolu is then fixed up with decorating lights and shining papers.
Last but not the least ,the pookolam or rangoli adds flavors to the kolu with a kuthu vilaku.Your kolu plan is ready, but what about sundals?Happy Navratri.