Friday, March 1, 2013

                                                               Juggling for existence

The prices are already up. Do you think, we can manage with piggybacking on the earning members of the family? Life has become challenging where the promissory note of  comfort zone has become every need of life.

            Denominations of course a large one I say, is not suffice for mental satisfaction of today! Do we call it excess liquidity in the life of people who doesn’t bother to invest for a long term or a recklessness of more money with immediate withdrawal in the form of plastic cards which are devil in disguise to the  people who can just swip it and get whatever one  wants. And there are people , the unnoticed ones who long for a meal , a place to stay and of course the survival for existence.

            The pleasure of attraction has taken attention with malls where one gets everything in this world, exactly the branded one as the model in the ad wears with appealing discounts and music while u decide on the outstanding,stunning,outwit though one can comprise on the quality when it comes to deduction, reduction or whatever without rejection . ::P
Huh! How come one can forget the parking zone rates. It seems that more than the goods purchased , the efforts to make your vehicle be safe can cost you more.

            There is a horse race in the market for selling of products .People with money to spend on and weak hearts often fall prey to it.Market strategy, sales strategy is a boon or bane ????????Am not talking about the other side of people who earn to at least meet their basic needs –food,shelter,clothes which is still a vision .

             This does not mean to stagnate the money and lock it for future. It is just a matter of the intellectual working of the brain to invest for future, spend on the needs, balancing the lifestyle for the years to come and distribution of money in a healthy way.

Nothing is impossible ,so be prepared for a stone age, may be !


  1. The end was gud. ofcourse Stone Age is gona come :P
    It all started with basic needs, but now the definition of basic needs gotten changed :) yea investment for future is good, but I have seen many who toil themselves and dont even enjoy their present, again the definition is getting changed. Well things will be good if we ask the question of 'Why' for everything!!

  2. Oh yea !you are right :)about the future , fingers crossed.

  3. hahhaha, very nice one de !! enjoyed reading it :)