Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tryst with the Marghazhi Chennaities should be happy about Marghazhi when the mercury drips slightly to show mercy on us from the usual experience of the comparative,superlative degree of the word "hot" irrespective of the season.But since Mr.Global warming has found a place in the heart of the universe to shower the glory of the UV rays, may be Marghazhi can become 'yet another season of the year' for the years to come!
Apart from the chaos, Marghazhi holds a special place in bringing the spirituality and divinity together to bond mankind with God.Marmagahzi-Music go together . Renditions are made by Saranagati to god in the form of music which is easy, yet difficult one. The resonant bond of symphony swirls around the sabhas with the concerts that carries the reminiscence of the historical past where legends have sung in the form of krithis ,showing the efficacy of bhakti and pleasure in attaining the spiritual feeling of attaining moksha.The shishya-guru bonding happens with the shishyas rendering the kritis and raagas as their tribute to their teachers and a treat to their audiences.One could see pakathu veetu 'mama' putting thalam in the right and guessing the raaga even before the singer sings and boasting about 'antha kalathulelam'. Though we like the gnanam style, the nyanam towards karnatic songs has not gone down the years .Infact many youngsters are on the verge of taking the credentials of traditional music,dance and art to a higher level.
The beautiful part of it is the 'Kolam' ,the time of the year where woman step out to show their artistic talent in putting striking 'puli kolams' with the twist and turns when one wonders that playing maze was much better !One can precisely call this month as a devotional month with impeccable efforts to please the almighty. When everything is going as usual , here comes an interesting news that 'The world is gonna end' and a possibilty that we may survive.Is that mean ,Should i regret that i have not attended even a single concert or appreciated a raaga or stop myself from changing the channel when a karnatic song is on or even attempted to draw a star kolam. Whatever the future holds ,this month always holds a special place in the calendar for its charm, delight, divinity and spirituality of love and bhakthi to gurus and gods .


  1. Well well am the first one to comment !!!!!!
    Gud that you have dedicated a post for our tradition !!!! You too contribute in the preservation of our rich culture !!
    Way to go !!!!

  2. nice one sruthi!! though I am a hater of many of our traditions! I like this one, as it gives you joy much!and regarding kolam, i remember those days when my paati will get up early and start and I used to help her in coloring.Nostalgic! :)