Sunday, July 31, 2011

You bounce on the floor
Wen u r angry, u r tsunami
Wen u r happy, we r in harmony
Ter is no word to match ur beauty
But ur presence is plenty
U have fans all around
To wet the feet all around
U never stop to say Hi
And we never stop to bye.

B E A C H! I guess ,it is a gift that can be tasted by everyone.
In the morning, it is a work out place for ppl walking along the shores ,smelling the salty ocean scent and hearing the suprabatam of the waves.
The ships from distant seems like a floating paper with the sun rising , to color and the clouds to dress up the gorgeous sea .The shells ornament it with pebbles and diamonds everywer to glitter in the bright sun.

There is so much to do , from fisher men to police men. Ppl are on the flow with the shops on th go.Castles every wer from small to big emerging and disappering in the shore.

The best part of enjoying is having a sundal in one hand and a mango piece on the other hand.You tend to be a hunter or shooter or whatever with guns targeting the ballons on the other side.U can be a maharaja or maharani galloping on the horse with the world around . And wats ur age ?It doesnt matter wen are on the merry go round.

It seems full all the time but u always find a place to be part of it.
You wanna enjoy the nature then you are here.You are in love,peace ,harmony? then u are definetely in beach.


  1. 'from fisher men to police men' i somehw liked this line .
    n yes, Beach is a awesome place....a place wer u can find happiness peace and joy without spending a dime:)

    i thnk we shld make it to the beach dis tym fr 'frnshinp's day'


  2. I knew it de, I was looking @ our pic....those days!!!
    gawd, wish we cud go bak!!!!!!!

  3. Nice. But you missed the bajji's!! :-)