Friday, December 16, 2011

Charm Untouched

Charm Untouched

Surrounded by rosewood and sandalwood ,the city of charm has left no one untouched.Yes , am talking about the 2nd cleanest city in India – MYSORE.
Moving with a sinuous motion, the city enthralls its visitors with its magnificient palaces,magestic temples and beautiful gardens.A panaramic view of the city is seen from the top of the hills where the mother goddess chamundi is seen seated on the lion with her immense energy.It is said that goddess Chamundi killed this demon Mahishasura and hence the fesstival Dussera is celebrated with enthusiasm in some deliberate way.Mysore palace is one of the most visited monuments in India.The Zamindar palace in the movie MUTHU casting our THALAIVAR RAJNIKANTH was shot in Lalitha mahal palace.
The celebrated spot illuminated with musical fountains BRINDAVAN is famous for its heavenly beauty where people look forward for colorful innumerable fountains.Women can never take their eyes off from the elegant yet rich mysore silk depicting the beauty and the tradition of the mysore.Last but not least , how could one forget the mouth watering bisi bela bath for its bale bale flavor brushing up the culture and rich heritage of the city.
So If u Wanna take a breath of fresh air packed with flavors of culture, tradition and spices , Mysore welcomes you.


  1. so true, the place is indeed great!!! i din knw tht it was the 2nd cleanest place in India:) so blog is nw alive n fresh just like Mysore

  2. at sandy, pleasant place to live!yes still alive!

  3. It is truly a wonderful city. I love all the places en route to Mysore as well like Shivanasamudram, Srirangapatna, etc. Also, it the places en route to Tamilnadu from Mysore, like Hassan, Beluru, Somnathapura, Halebidu, Bandipura, Muthukaadu, etc.
    Too many road trips to and from Mysore. I can go on about Mysore. One of my favourite hill station Kodagu is near Mysore.
    The best thing about mysore is its food. I still remember going to Dasaprakash with friends and ordering everything in the menu. Nothing was anything less than wonderful.
    Truly a great place.

  4. at Chandramouli,you are right.The food was wonderful and cheap too .Halebidu is a tribute to the architectures of the past.
    Beautiful city.