Monday, July 23, 2012

BeAuTiFuL AlLePy

Venice of the East?Yes, Lord Curzon is right .Do you think one can object this statement.One of Gods own country's gift is what am talking about- "ALLAPHUZHA alias ALLEPY". Should we call ourself blessed for such an exuberant beauty and natural landscape in our country with endless beauty adding to it along the backwaters is a breath taking view .
Kettuvalam or house boat is an indian TITANIC with coirs made of natural products is one of the major attractions of the tourists blushing along the coastal ready with its elegance is a pride preserving the richness of kerala .It is the local taxi of the land where one could find the 'chotus'(kids) rowing the mini boats as tricycles for transport.
kettuvalam comes in different shapes and sizes .It offers amenities with rooms to rest , lounge to past time idly and indolently.It is a holiday home for families to have a gala time along the scenic beauty of the gaint coconuts,lillies and lush green paddies.Cooks to serve with sumptuous kerala special of rice , papad, salads,marine food is a soul quenching experience for the taste buds.
One must not miss the Village trip with wonderful cultivation of bananas,coconuts where people cannot live without boats.Ducks swimming ,fishes in plenty, small shops along the river ,water snakes, birds flying across the sky .It is the land of fishermen and women.
Whether we get a chance to sail in a cruise or visit Venice, we should never be sorry for us for not being in an Indian TITANIC alteast for once to carry the pleasure of being in and at The land of the venice.


  1. That was a brief encounter..indication of the impact the place has bestowed upon you !!

    Cheers !!!!!!

  2. yeah!such a wonderful place to enjoy the silence!